Michèle Vasarely

In 1965, Michèle Vasarely met the artist Yvaral, the son of Victor Vasarely, who was already well-known at that time. That same year, Michèle, a student of the Academy of Plastic Arts in Paris, was introduced to Yvaral’s family, which initiated the beginning of this great artistic adventure in which she became one of the pillars by her efficient and indispensable collaboration with the two artists.

This is how, over the decades and through her daily collaboration, she acquired a deep knowledge of Victor Vasarely’s work. Later, the artist made her responsible for the future of his work, as well as designating her as the sole expert of his work for the future.

In the 90’s she publicly defended the artist abused by the managers of his own Foundation in Aix-en-Provence, an institution which, unfortunately, never recovered from a long-lasting scandal, bogged down in interminable legal debates, going against the mission she should be assuming.
Michèle Vasarely, through her attachment and devotion to the artist and his work, has also protected the creations of which she was the beneficiary, which today, along with her personal archives, constitute the essential fund of her Foundation legalized in the USA.

In order to respect the wishes of the two artists she was so close to until their final moments, she has set up a working system that allows her to respect their final wishes entrusted to her alone.

The objective of the Michèle Vasarely Foundation is to extract the Work from the context in which it has been mired and to restore the name and importance of this post-war artist who changed the approach, the look and the mission of art on a social and avant-garde level as he was the first to foresee the future upheavals in technology.

Office Team

Michèle Vasarely Founder and Director

Sarah Pouzet Communication & Special events coordinator

Isabella Halacy Director’s personal assistant

Christian Reyes Registrar

Scientific Team

Michèle Vasarely Daughter in Law of the artist and Expert designed by the artist

Márton Orosz Director of the Vasarely’s Museum in Budapest

Arnauld Pierre Art historian and Sorbonne’s professor

Bruno Allart Victor Vasarely Studio assistant

Diane Lahumière Art dealer representing the artist since 40 years