Considering that in 1976 VICTOR VASARELY created his foundation in Aix in Provence in the south of France, one may wonder why starting a MICHÈLE VASARELY Foundation?

Regrettably, the Aix-en-Provence institution in which its founder had invested so much energy and hope is inexorably declining due to its lingering association with the legal world as well as the political arena, both universes being totally antinomic to art.

More than 30 years of proceedings and associated scandals have prevented this major work of the twentieth century from interconnecting with the true cultural milieu and from achieving, beyond its notoriety, the recognition it undoubtedly deserves.

Michèle Vasarely, who collaborated with the two artists VICTOR VASARELY and his son YVARAL for almost 40 years, has devoted her life to the preservation of their creations.

The MICHÈLE VASARELY Foundation aims to gather and decipher all the archives composed during this intense and enriching association.

This work will be made available to universities, researchers, art historians, and cultural centers.

The computerization of most of the elements related to the didactic essence of these two representative works will soon be available.

Pedro Benavides, under the auspices of Michèle Vasarely, has already produced a catalogue Raisonné of the VICTOR VASARELY editions, with over 600 pages.

In line with the analysis of all the information related to the work of VICTOR VASARELY, an identical work is being carried out on the work of Yvaral, a pioneer in digitalized research.

Through privileged contacts, the work will be presented primarily in Asian countries and Latin America as well as in the United States where, although recognized, the artist’s work requires a new perspective.

It is also essential that his work be connected to the technological movement. Indeed, VICTOR VASARELY, incontestable precursor, was the only one in his time to evoke its reign.

The MICHÈLE VASARELY Foundation, its members, and team, are at the disposal of researchers or artists interested in constructed and digital art.

A great visionary, VICTOR VASARELY is the master of this trend and the MICHÈLE VASARELY Foundation was created to respect the vision and the will of this extraordinary creator, who is part of the intellect of all generations.