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Meeting my wife was the single most important event of my life.

I met Michèle when she was very young. At the time I never imagined her incomparable inner strength, her unyielding passion to live and learn that she carried within.

When I introduced her to my father there was an instant connection. What began as a father-daughter relationship based on her respect and admiration for him grew into an extraordinary friendship. As time passed and age came upon him, Michèle helped him in the most humble of ways. Her contributions as he grew older were beautiful and unforgettable. She did not abandon her promise and stood by him, as a friend, daughter, student and finally, caretaker.

Michèle always had a great deal of respect and admiration for my father. Knowing this, and bearing witness to their relationship, I became the most fervent admirer for her unselfishness, and courage. She loved and cared for him purely, unconditionally.
Her capacity to love, and learn fascinated me.
Michèle is the perfect wife for an artist. She is understanding, protective and passionate, to the point of being devoted and involved to the evolution of art. Nobody understands her as we do - her willingness to live life to the fullest, an inner strength that outweighs any other and her commitment to those she loves. My father was strongly vested in her to manage the future of his works, and he chose well. She approaches all that she does with great determination and verve, and excels in all that she does.

She is nurturing, clear sighted, and blessed with an artists’ soul. I want to express the friendship and faith my father held for her, as well as the passionate feelings and deep admiration I have for my wife. She is the memory of Victor Vasarely’s creations and the only one to have accumulated so much knowledge. Additionally, she shared so much with me that she knows my work intimately as well. There aren’t enough words to express my love and awe. Her commitment to my father as a human being and for his creations is admirable.

Yvaral. (Jean-Pierre Vasarely)
2 Juillet 2002

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Michele Vasarely

Michele Vasarely

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